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I made bread.


I didn’t bother brushing the excess flour off the tops before taking the picture (probably because they were still about 9000 degrees) but still!! Bread! I have made it! The kind you can get from any store! Except these 3 smallish loaves took me 4 hours instead of 10 minutes to run into the grocery […]

I used to *gulp* make nothing but frozen garlic bread. And I loved it. There.  I said it. Whew.  I feel better. I’m not sure why I started experimenting with making my own garlic bread, but boy am I ever glad I did.  Don’t get me wrong.  I won’t judge you for making the frozen […]

Check it out!!


This is my very first attempt at making cornbread in a cast iron skillet. This one was my Granny’s. I think she’d be pleased with the finished product. **Updated to add: Lands Alive!!! I just tasted it and it’s by far and away the best cornbread I’ve ever eaten! If you don’t make yours in […]

I got this recipe from my Great Aunt Babbie, who was a master of all things baking and cooking.  You’ll be hearing a lot about her through her recipes, I’m sure, including the word squiggely and it’s definition.  She was a sassy little ol’ lady and we all miss her dearly here, but she lives on […]