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I was planning on posting a nice informative post for my first post on this blog, but I woke up feeling sick, sick, sick, so I’m just going to get right to the thick of it. (what does that even mean?) I’m Liz.  I like to cook. I like to make things too.  Mostly out […]

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I stumbled upon a free offer from Prestos Pizza to get the most adorable apron! All you have to do is got to their Facebook page and “Like” them! I thought I’d share this offer with all my cooking buddies and recipe junkies since we obviously all love to be in the kitchen!!



I have not forgotten about you, little blog.   It’s just that these allergies… Good grief, these allergies… I don’t know if any of y’all live in or around Eastern NC, but the pollen here is unbelievable at the moment and it has me just miserable! Things seem to be slightly looking up, so I […]




Hello world!


Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

How come every time I want to make meringue it’s fucking raining?!?!?  I’ve been itching to make those sweet little yummy clouds of deliciousness all week and it keeps RAINING!  GAH!  *head in hands* Also, my kid will not eat his pop tart.  He’s just holding a piece in each hand (two in one hand, […]

So hi. I know. I KNOW! Two posts and then I disappear. Again. As usual. But really…this time, I have an actual excuse. What? I DO! Really! You see the little tag line to the left of your screen? No, not that, below that. Yeah. Yeeeeaaaaaahhhhh…. Let’s just say I did both this past weekend […]

Sup Y’all?


Is there anything better than a shiny new blog? Probably having something to write in it would be a plus… I’ve had blogs before. Some ending for the commonplace “nothing to say. ever.” reason, some for the also commonplace “we broke up and he knows my domain name” reason, and others for various, I have […]