Whinestock 2012!


After publishing this post a few days ago, my mind was not finished coming up with things to complain about, apparently.  Well, I’m pregnant.  34 weeks pregnant now.  So blah.  It’s my belly and I’ll cry if I want to.  (I’m sure that song will be stuck in my head all day now.  Thanks, self.)

I see I’m not wasting any time getting to the whiny portion of our programming.

Would you like some cheese with that whine?  Why yes, yes I would.  And some pepperoni while you’re at it.  Chop chop.


1.) My husband has gone back to school and while I’m very, very proud of him, I never see him anymore and when I do, he’s all preoccupied with school.  Also, all MY parents want to talk about now is his school work and how things are going with him, blah blah blah.  And I totally feel like the invisible pregnant woman over here.  I’m trying to be the good wife and not wave my arms around yelling WHAT ABOUT MEEEE???  AND THE BAAAABEEEEEEYYYYYY!  But man, I’m getting close.

2.)  As I mentioned above, I am now 34 weeks along!  Which means, less than 6 weeks!  I am getting more and more impatient by the second.  I’m done.  SO DONE.  I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks along.  I feel like I have been pregnant for about half of my life.  If things are this uncomfortable now, I can’t imagine how they’re going to be a month from now!  Yikes!

3.) Look!  Not complaining in this one!  We finally got a car seat!  Yay!  I have been obsessing about this for months now.  Such a huge weight feels like it has been lifted off of me (at least off my mind, cause who are we kidding?  Weight is not doing any leaving around here!).  It’s all I can do not to go ahead and put it in the car.  I’ve already decided to try it in the stroller later today once the Hubs goes off to work.  (I’m going into Stealth Nesting Mode!  HA!).  We also got this bottle/accessory draining rack that looks like a little patch of grass, which I am totally in love with.  I want to drain our dishes on it.  It is so freakin’ cute!  Last time, I had one of the Munchkin bottle racks and I ended up hating it.  And then I hated it three times as much when we had to get two more just to keep up with all the bottles and stuff that goes along with them and they took up ALL of my counter space and the “kick stand stick things” that hold the bottles kept falling down and GAH!  JUST GAH!

4.) I can’t believe I didn’t mention this in the last post, but I decided that I had too much skin on my hands and knee and thought it would be a fabulous idea to fall down the front steps into the driveway.  Yeah, not really.  But for the last two weeks, I’ve had a horrible case of road rash on my hands and one of my knees, but it’s FINALLY healing all up and I don’t cry every time I hit my hand on the corner of something, which was ALL. THE. TIME.  Pregnant = Clumsy!!! And when you’re already pretty damn clumsy, that just can’t be good.

5.)  Also busted my ass on the kitchen floor a few days later.

Hopefully that’s all for Whinestock 2012 (unless I fall down again, which, in that case, there will probably be more whining).

Here’s something non-whiny!


Also, my cactus is doing this:


I’m guessing it wants to remind everyone that it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Or it just wanted boobs.  I’m not really sure which.


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