Hey You Guuuyyyysss!


**I apologize in advance for the scattered pregnancy-brained post!  At 5 months along, I’m afraid the crazy hormones have caught up with me!**

I have not forgotten about my blog!  Or the Internet (just ask facebook)!  I have just been very busy being pregnant and walking into rooms and forgetting why!

And while all this is quite annoying  (Husband at 7 pm “What’s for dinner?”…Me “Uhhhhh….”) it has come with at least one perk.


As with my first pregnancy, I didn’t crave anything “weird”.  Well…it was weird for me, but when people asked what strange cravings I was having and I told them “brownies”, they would just look at me like I probably didn’t understand English.  I’m not usually much of a chocolate eater.  But let me get pregnant and HOO BOY!  Forget about hiding your kids and hiding your wife!  Hide your brownies!  I WILL EAT THEM ALL OM NOM NOM!!!

So anyway.


I am once again craving chocolate.  But there’s something else.  (And here’s where the “perk” part comes in)  I have had days upon days where I just can not think of eating anything other than fried pickles!  OMG they’re just so good!

Unfortunately, here in tiny-small-town where I live, there’s only one place to get them and that’s a sports bar (which I generally wouldn’t mind and they used to be a pretty fun place to hang out, but they have gone waaaay downhill in the past year or so).  The Hubby and I used to go there a while back and they had this fun little trivia game we played and they had football on the tv’s (mostly the same game on about 14 sets, but they’d change to a different game if you asked) and really great food (FRIED PICKLES!!).  Now, they have random broken tv’s, no trivia game (no idea why, each waitress will tell us something different), jacked up prices, and not-so-great food.  So, to make a long story a little bit shorter, I”ve been SOL on the fried pickles lately.

But Baby would just not let it go.

So I started Pinteresting!  Is that a word?  Spell check says it’s not, but I guess it is now!  What does dumb ol’ spell check know anyway?  (Just for the record, for complete disclosure, I spelled “spell check” wrong just now…)

I tried a few of the recipes and none of them came anywhere NEAR what you’d get at regular old sports bar/restaurant/diner!  Lots of them called for soaking the pickles in buttermilk or using cornmeal or good grief….I don’t even know anymore!  They just came out…so…wrong!

So what this really long post is about is that I have come up with my own fried pickle recipe that will rock your socks (if you like fried pickles and are wearing socks).  And I’m going to make up a batch tonight and try to remember A.) to take pictures and B.) why the heck I walked into the kitchen in the first darn place.

I’ll try to publish it tomorrow since it’s not going to get done for awhile.  I made the Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Spaghetti casserole last night and kind of wrecked my kitchen and frankly, I was too busy eating to clean up.  If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s delicious!  I didn’t have pimentos, so I used a jalapeno fresh out of my garden that I seeded and scraped and it was FANTASTIC!!

Sorry about this post…my train-of-thought needs to go into the shop…


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