Now back to your regularly scheduled program


We have been sick.



That kind of sick where all you want to do is lay on the couch and call your mom and have her bring you some soup or cake or something, but you can’t because you can’t get comfortable anywhere, anyhow, any way.


My hubby had it last weekend, I came down with it sometime midweek, and my poor little baby got it Thursday. And of course that meant that I couldn’t be sick. Mommies aren’t allowed to be sick when their babies are sick. They have to take care of them and get them juice and watch Bob Bob (what Lee calls Spongebob) and take their temperature (104.5?! Holy shit, Dude!!) and then you freak the holy hell out until the on-call Dr (who will now be referred to as Saint Dr Lady) tells you that it’s okay, just watch him and make sure he’s still acting normal and….oh….maybe a little off topic here?





This is Lee saying “Dweeeeeeeeen!!!” which is obviously “Green”. Like, duh.

So now, Daddy and son are watching videos of trains because TWAINS! TWAINS!!! TWAAAIIIIINSSS!!! YEEEAAAHHH! And who can resist that face? And so it’s up to me again to figure out dinner….wait, what? We can’t just keep eating frozen stuff? I have to like….make things?? *sigh* Fine.

So I resorted back to the Pioneer Woman (go figure!!) and now we have this:

in the oven and I’m looking sooo forward to it! Shockingly, we had all the ingredients (I even had the chicken already cooked, y’all! I was so on the ball and I didn’t even know it. I’m good like that.)

So this is what she calls “Chicken Spaghetti” and what her hubby calls “Mexican Chicken” due to the addition of the cayenne pepper and what I’m considering calling “Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti Casserole” or “CCSC” for short….and also because I’m a dork.


I also had a Red Bull today. Which is something I should never ever do, apparently. Because I make super cheesy jokes on my blog. Cheesy. Get it? Heh….heh heh….

See? There I go again.

Someone stop me.

And also, since I said the word blog (Relax. This isn’t going to become some kind of drinking game blog where every time I say the word blog you have to drink….although….if you happen to have something handy and just need an excuse….blog blog blog blog blog blog bloggity blog blog blog. Blooooooog.) here is a picture of my son saying “blog”, which is apparently his new favorite word since he said it about a hundred times after I said it only once.

And yes, I know my hair looks terrible. We had all just gotten up from a nap two hours before and I still couldn’t be bothered to rake it back into a messy bun/ponytail thing with my scrunchie. Yes, scrunchie. What? It’s not 1995 anymore?

Update! Good Lawd that was tasty! I made one smallish adjustment (maybe smallish, maybe hugeish [what?!] who knows how much of a difference this makes) I decided to 86 the pimentos and instead I added about 1/8th cup of chopped roasted red bell pepper. Regardless, this is delicious! If you like pimentos, go for it as is. If not, try my new twist! You’ll be happy either way, pinky swear!!


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