P Dub Lub (or Love, but that doesn’t really rhyme)


I heart the Pioneer Woman.

I know it’s not just me.

If you have not been to her site and read everything, you are missing out.




I’ll wait.


That will take awhile.  Read this first, then go…read…enjoy…rinse….repeat.

If needed

(sorry, Friends moment)

Anyway…I made these tonight…

And they were beyond fantastic.  I cannot tell you how serious I am about that.

I have issues with meatballs.

Or maybe it’s meatballs that have issues with me.

Either way, the result is usually the same.  Crumbly, dry, chewy, not-very-good meatball pieces.

It doesn’t matter if I cook them in a sauce or by themselves in a pan.  They hate me.

But not these.  Oh, not these at all.  These meatballs love me and were like little balls of heaven from start to finish.  Easy to mix, easy to roll, easy to brown, easy to cook, and probably a little bit too easy to eat.

Okay.  Waaay too easy to eat.

I had three.

And I’m not sorry.  Not one bit.  I’d do it again.  And probably will, tomorrow.

Anyway.  Try these.  Even if meatballs have never been your friend in the past.  These particular little balls of meat are just dying to be your friend!  They’ve even friend requested you on Facebook!

* * * * *

Over the past week or so, I’ve actually tried a few recipes from the Pioneer Woman, least of which were the cinnamon rolls.  Oh God.  The cinnamon rolls.

I am going to turn into a cinnamon roll if I eat one more.


Make these.  And try to give some away.  But if you can’t, I won’t think any less of you.  It was torture handing over a single pan of these to my parents.  What made it sting less, however, was all the ranting and raving that BOTH of them did about how fabulous they were and you made these? really?  from scratch?  really?

Oh God.

I think I just gained another 5 lbs.

I need to just go ahead and publish this before all the drool on my keyboard short circuits my whole laptop.


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