And now for something completely different…


I am trying this tonight.

It’s a whole chicken in a crock pot.

Sounds too good to be true, no?

This is what it’s supposed to look like when it’s done.

Here’s what mine looks like now…

I added garlic powder, paprika, and just a little bit of kosher salt.  The post I read said that there’s no need to add any liquid (which I am skeptical about, but would not be surprised at all if it works great because a lot of the time what I think is pretty much the opposite of what happens) so I didn’t add anything.  So simple!

Let’s see what happens!

Anyone tried anything like this before?

**Update** 3 1/2 hours in (halfway through) this is what it looks like….

Even though there was no liquid added, there’s a nice little puddle underneath the chicken now.  According to the blog post I got this from, after the chicken is cooked, put the bones (and possibly skin) back into the crock pot along with whatever liquid came out of the chicken, add 5 cups of water, recover and let it cook overnight and you’ll have your own homemade chicken broth!  We’ll see how that turns out tomorrow…can’t wait!!  

Stay tuned for the final results of the chicken later tonight…

Also, it smells really, reeeaaaallllllyyyyy good in here right now!!

**Another Update** (but more interesting this time) Here’s the latest picture of the chicken…

Just look at the difference in the broth/liquid that the chicken has produced just within the last hour and a half!!  I was skeptical that there would be much at all at first, but am now taking back all my skeptisism!  And it smells even better in here now, if you can believe it! 

***Final Chicken Update***

Well it was wonderful!!!  It tasted just like a rotisserie chicken, only fresher (more fresh?).  I went to pull the chicken out of the crock pot to take a picture of it and….well….

This happened.

It completely fell apart.  It was delightful!!!  I love it when I cook things in the crock pot and then they are literally “fall-apart-tender”.  This was so cheap and so easy and so GOOD that I will definitely be doing this again!  A lot!!

Here’s a picture of the broth right after taking the chicken out, but before adding the water and cooking all night.  I’ll post about that tomorrow and let y’all know how that comes out.

There are still some bits of chicken that I didn’t bother to take out.  I was way too hungry after smelling this cooking all day!!


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