Hi Y’all!


I feel like absolute Hell on toast right now!

How are you?

I have yet another Preschool-related plague.  The first of the new year (if you don’t count the “carried-over” plague that followed me into 2012).  Preschool is trying to kill us all.  My hubs has whatever it is that I have, which consists of a completely clogged nose that still runs!!  I means seriously….what IS that?!  How can a nose be stuffy and runny at the same time??  It just seems like that should be impossible.  Also, along with that, this particular plague comes with scratchy throat, tons of sneezing, and a general achy don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed feeling.  Thankfully though, no fever as of yet.

My little one, on the other hand had to be picked up from Preschool Thursday (as you may recall, I was excited to have a few hours to myself) and taken straight to the pediatrician because they’re dealing with a small outbreak of pink eye and he had it in BOTH eyes!  My poor baby!!  Also, while there, we discovered he also had an ear infection and, AND, a throat infection!!  WHAT?!?!  He was just running around playing!!  His biggest problem of the day was that he had to stop playing on the rocking alligator in the “sick” waiting room!  He had not touched his ear or let on at all that his throat hurt!  I felt horrible that he had all of this wrong with him!  Not to mention like the world’s worst mommy!  Ugh!  BUT!  He’s on antibiotics and eye drops and is all better now!

Just in time to go to Preschool tomorrow and catch something else.

My word.

I don’t know how much more of this we can all take! 😛

In better news!  MUCH better news, in fact!  I finally got to sign up for Birchbox!  I am just excited beyond words!  I don’t even care about my stuffy/runny/wtf-ever nose!  Birchbox!  Woohoo!  I’ve been on the waiting list for awhile now, and I got their email at just the right time to lift my spirits!  If any of you guys would like a referral, I would be happy to oblige! 🙂  Just leave me a comment with your email address and I’ll get right on it!

* * *

In cooking news, looks like my lasagna was such a big hit with my hubby that I’ll be making it again this week!  Thank goodness for The Grocery Game!  I have almost all the ingredients on hand so my grocery bill won’t suffer (as it usually does with something like lasagna!).  Again with the referrals!  If anyone wants one, comment away with your email address and I’ll shoot you out a referral!  🙂

I’m going to try to remember to take pictures of the lasagna-making-steps and post them here with the recipe because it really is SO good!  And it a little different from most lasagna recipes out there.  So stay tuned.  I’ll post it all soon.

If I don’t perish from the plague.



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