So Simple, Yet Divine!


These are crackers with cream cheese and pepper jelly.

No, they are not radioactive.

Yes, they are delicious!


And here’s how you make them!

First, you need some crackers.  I suppose any kind you like will do, but do yourself a favor and get the Breton crackers.  They are the absolute BEST!!  For these, I like to use the “original” ones, but the “garden vegetable” ones are fantastic too.  Even by themselves!

Now you need some cream cheese!  I bought Neufchatel cheese for the first time last week and this was the first time I actually used it.  It’s on the shelf right next to the regular cream cheese, but is much healthier and I seriously cannot tell the difference…and I’m very picky and I love my cream cheese!  I think I shall use this from now on!

Next, pepper jelly!  I admit it.  It took YEARS before I would actually try this stuff.  It’s….green….

I mean really GREEN!!!

My mom would have crackers, cream cheese, and “green stuff” out every time we had company when I was growing up.  At the most, I would grab a cracker and put a tiny bit of cream cheese on it and sneak back to my room so I wouldn’t have to hear all the adults prod me to “just tryyyy it”!

No!  It’s GREEN!

Then, I think it was my Granny, finally talked me into trying it.  She really was the only one who could ever get me to try anything I didn’t want to.  Granny’s are good like that.

And wow!  It was delicious!  Who knew?  (Everybody, apparently)

Now put everything together!!

(Forgive the mess in the background, I was also making the Beef, Meat, & Rice when I made these!)

Okay, so just smear a little (or a lot!) of cream cheese, Neufchatel, or anything else they have now that’s like cream cheese that I don’t yet know about (what are you people keeping from me?!) onto a cracker.  If it’s a bigger cracker like these, either let the cream cheese soften a little bit (or you could use the whipped stuff!) or you’ll break your cracker!


Now spread a little of the pepper (I use mild…they make hot too, but that just doesn’t go….unless you really LOVE hot stuff….then give it a try!  Let me know how it goes!) onto the cream cheese.  It really doesn’t take too much.

Then this tends to happen…


And then, when your husband discovers you made these divine crackers….

This happens….

And then, if you’re like me, you cry….or make more!

They’re really good!  You should try them…

Even though they’re green…


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