Guilty Pleasures


I’m watching Mothman Prophecies on Netflix.


I really have no idea how many times I’ve seen this movie.  I have the DVD, which I bought when I came out, that I’ve watched a few times.  I’ve also seen it on tv a lot…pretty much every time I’ve seen it on the guide thing.  And now I’m watching it on Netflix.

I wish this were the only movie I did this with.

Or at least, I wish the other movies I did this with were better movies.

But they’re not.

I love You’ve Got Mail.

And I couldn’t tell you why.  I just have this nagging urge to watch it any time I see it coming on tv. (and yeah, I own the DVD too….which I watch randomly)

I’ve also seen Laura Croft: Tomb Raider waaay more times than any person should…and that’s all I say about that one.

I could also sit down and watch Once Bitten any time.  Day or Night.  Big bowl of popcorn and I’m set.  Do not disturb.  And if you haven’t seen that, you HAVE TO WATCH IT OMG IT’S THE BEST MOVIE…….oh….I should stop…

Sweet Home Alabama is also a bitchin’ movie!  Pretty much anything with Reese Witherspoon…but this one in particular.

So tell me….do you have any guilty pleasure movies?  What are they?  What should I be watching at 2 am when I can’t sleep?


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