I’m cheating on my husband….with pinterest


I can not lie.  I have fallen in love again since getting married.  It’s totally fine though.  I’m in love with a website!  I don’t know how many of you have heard of pinterest, or if everyone has heard of it and I’m just late to the party as usual, but oh wow.  You guys.  You have to go there and just…look.  And pin.  And TRY!  It’s awesome!

I spend more than a few hours pinning stuff to try and then realized that I’m going to become so overwhelmed with stuff I want to try that I’m not going to be able to even pick one!  So I sucked it up and stopped looking at all the new stuff that is refreshed CONSTANTLY and decided on a recipe!  (It’s totally not all recipes…it’s EVERYTHING!  Ideas for EVERYTHING! *head explodes*)

Anyway.  I recently bought a huge amount of shrimp and needed some new ideas on how to cook them and so I chose this:

crispy shrimp pasta

I’ll wait while you wipe away the drool….

It was delicious, and super easy to make!  With ingredients I already had! I will definitely make this again.

Since Tuesday night was such a big hit, I figured I’d continue my streak with Wednesday (a.k.a. last night).  I decided to go with a slow cooker recipe just to torture myself with delicious smells all day.

crock pot chicken and rice (although you make the rice separately)

This was a surprisingly simple dish to make with SO. MUCH. FLAVOR.  And!  You can use frozen chicken!  No need to thaw or use fresh and it’s delicious!!  With all of like…4 ingredients!  The oddest of which is Italian dressing (in the packet).  I would never have thought to use that, but it was so good!  I would have taken a picture, but that would have meant that I had to use one hand for a camera instead of using both hands to stuff this yummy deliciousness into my face.  Yeah.  Not going to happen.  You’ll just have to take my word for it!

Apparently I was feeling adventurous yesterday because I decided that along with the chicken and rice, I was going to make garlic cheesey bread too!  I mean…how could I not??

omg so cheeeeeseeeey…and garlickyyyyy

It’s made with pre-bought pizza dough (or you could make your own….personally I wanted to see how this would turn out before I invested more time on the dough) and it’s so good!!  Even my super-picky 22 month old ate some!

So!  That brings us to today!  I saw no reason to break the streak, so I picked another dish!  It’s another slow cooker recipe, made with frozen ravioli (cheese) and pasta sauce.

cheese, pasta, tomato sauce, and more cheese…nothin’ wrong with that.

I decided that while all of this looks super easy AND super delicious, maybe I could add some stuff!  And take some pictures!  Which I totally DID! (but have not uploaded so that’s another post for hopefully tomorrow)

So along with the frozen ravioli and sauce, I added several handfulls of frozen (to keep with the theme) vegetables.  You could use whatever you like, but I used red/yellow/green bell pepper and onion because that it was I have and that also happens to be what I like!  Also, I had some smoked sausage, which I cut up half of and threw in there too for good measure, and also meat!

I am not waiting, fairly patiently, for it to be ready.  I’m estimating I’ve got another hour and 3/4. *tapping fingers*

To busy myself while I was/am waiting, I decided to try one of the craft projects that I pinned!

lemon sugar hand scrub

Oh my heavens.  I everything on this website turns out this good, I’m going to be on one hell of a streak!!  I halved the recipe because while I wanted to put mine in an elegant little jar too, all I had was one of those screw-top ziploc plastic jar things, which hey, nothin’ wrong with that!  I added a little extra lemon juice because it just smelled too damn good and then tried it out with just a quick little scrub and all I can say is WOW!  I wasn’t really expecting such a huge difference the first time I used it, you know, some things require a bit of dedication to see results (stupid diet), but my hands feel like completely new hands!  They are soft and moisturized and and and!  Just try it, okay??  I’m excited to see how well this will work on legs and feet too!!

I have SO many more things pinned to try and really do want to try them all!  From more recipes to a homemade firepit to stuff with pictures and ideas for the holidays!  This is gonna be GREAT!!


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