So hi.

I know. I KNOW!

Two posts and then I disappear. Again. As usual.

But really…this time, I have an actual excuse. What? I DO! Really!

You see the little tag line to the left of your screen? No, not that, below that.



Let’s just say I did both this past weekend and am still drinking buckets of coffee trying to recover.

Like I said. Yeah.

So anyway. Y’all are all looking especially lovely today! I promise I will write a lot more interesting stuff (to at least two people!) and even write more days in a row!

But back to this weekend. It involved a costume party, a birthday party, me making way too many brownies and not eating nearly enough food, but trying to make up for it by drinking just about everything! Sounds fun, no? Did I mention the costume part? Yeah. So all of this occurred while wearing a Joan Jett wig. (which I did not pull off well so no, no you will not be seeing any pictures of it on here) My fiance kept telling me I looked cute but doesn’t he kind of HAVE to say that? Not to mention he was in his early teens in the 80’s and I’m pretty sure I was reminding the 15-year-old him of all the girls he had crushes on back then. Definitely not my look though.

So anyway! *looks to another camera*

I’m in the market for a new hair cut! I know this shocks you all. To think! I have hair! (it grows too!) And if that goes well, maybe I shall post a picture or two.

I’m pretty sure this is the most sporadic post I’ve ever written.

The End! I know, right?!


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