Sup Y’all?


Is there anything better than a shiny new blog? Probably having something to write in it would be a plus… I’ve had blogs before. Some ending for the commonplace “nothing to say. ever.” reason, some for the also commonplace “we broke up and he knows my domain name” reason, and others for various, I have a kid and NO! TIME! FOR! ANYTHING!” reason. My kiddo is now 1 (ONE! WOW!) and can hold his own bottle, find what he wants to play with, and a myriad of other things that all lead to me saying things like “Yay! 5 minutes of free time while he drinks his own bottle!” and also things like “OH NOES!!! MAH BAYBEE IS GROWING UP TOO FAAAAAST!!! WAAAAAH!!!”. But most importantly, I have a spare few minutes here and there that would probably be better spent writing about frustrations, happy things, and stuff I baked (which will probably not always end up in the “happy things” category) than on Farmville. Not to say that I could give up Farmville or anything. I’m going to need a 12 step program at least for that. (but what will happen to my winery?! Who will run that for me if I never go back?! Who will send my friends bricks and nails?! *shudder* I can’t even think about it.)

So… uhh… where was I?


So. Hi. Here is my blog. I hope not to forget about it as soon as I publish this. Hopefully someone other than myself will find this stuff entertaining one of these days.


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